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In an effort to increase foot traffic, business patronage and overall economic growth throughout our downtown core – while integrating strategies for more sustainable parking and enforcement operations – the City of Hermosa Beach is currently implementing a comprehensive ‘Pilot Parking Program’ through Dec. 15th. This 90-day program is comprised of three components:


    1)  Free daytime parking on select meters throughout the City's downtown between 11AM - 2PM, M-F. (Meters offering the free parking include all on-street credit-card operable 'smart' meters along Pier and Hermosa Avenues).


    2)  Expansion of 'smart' meter technology in the City via a trial of two industry-leading versions of parking meters (the Duncan 'Liberty', and IPS 'M5'). The side-by-side comparison of these meters offers staff and the public the opportunity to interface with these and ultimately provide valuable input as the City moves towards upgrading coin-only street meters. (To provide your input regarding these meters, please take our brief survey by selecting the 'surveys' tab above).


    3)  Implementation of 'Demand Pricing' (flexible hourly rates) throughout select lots and streets in the downtown area between the hours of 8PM - 12AM/2AM. 


We want to hear your constructive feedback regarding these components. Please be as specific as you can in your responses/recommendations. We will then aggregate the input collected and share with City officials as part of a larger presentation.


For a walking map of free parking locations click here.  For more information about the pilot parking program, component specs and revenue forecastings, check out our Pilot Parking Staff Report.

Questions? Please email:

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How do you view parking availability, parking options and enforcement operations within Hermosa Beach? How may we improve these? 


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Considering the free daytime parking component on select meters throughout the downtown (M-F, 11AM - 2PM):

Have you frequented downtown Hermosa Beach more often during daytime hours as a result of the free parking? Please explain why, or why not.  


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