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In line with City's Strategic Plan goal of creating a more livable and sustainable beach City, the Hermosa Beach City Council unanimously adopted an expanded smoking ordinance at the regular City Council meeting of August. 23, 2016. As a result, smoking is now banned in all outdoor public places throughout the City, including private outdoor areas where the public is invited. The new ordinance also added emissions from electronic smoking devices in the definition of "smoking," thus prohibiting the smoking of such devices. Furthermore, the enforcement provision of the ordinance was reduced from a misdemeanor to an infraction.

City staff has already begun reaching out to our community to educate visitors and constituents that the City intends to be smoke-free. As we strive to make Hermosa Beach a better place, we ask that you please share your thoughts and ideas with us!


How does the Smoking Ban affect you?

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Where do you think additional "No Smoking" signs should be installed?

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Where is smoking and littering taking place that we should know of?

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