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The Hermosa Five-O Senior Activity Center opened in May of 2010 and is open to all South Bay Residents who are over the age of 50. Hermosa Five-O members are a group of fun, active and motivated people, who continually strive to improve their lives and their community. We believe it is important to stay healthy, continue to learn, and have fun each day so we do our best to program a variety of activities to help us to live a balanced life: physically, emotionally and mentally.


Topic: Improvements

How can we improve our Senior Center to better serve you? Is there anything in particular that those over 50 are looking for in our Senior Center?

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Are there any specific activities that the Hermosa Five-O Senior Activity Center should add/offer?

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Topic: Membership

Did you know the Hermosa Five-O Activity Center is open to all individuals over 50, regardless of whether you're a resident of Hermosa Beach?

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