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REPORT 18-0394 GREENBELT INFILTRATION PROJECT (Environmental Analyst Kristy Morris)

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    N Ellison almost 5 years ago

    I oppose the location of the Greenbelt infiltration project until an EIR is completed.

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    Laurie Cartwright almost 5 years ago

    I strongly oppose this project and stand with my many other neighbors in protest.

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    Kathy Barron almost 5 years ago

    The Dec. 2016 letter awarding the $3 million refers to the fact that the money is to address drought and climate change. An infiltration project clearly does nothing to address those problems. Please change this project into a reclamation project so that it fulfills the intent of the grant.

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    John Gardner almost 5 years ago
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    Alex Reizman almost 5 years ago

    The attached letters summarize the basis of my opposition.

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    Maritza Alvarado almost 5 years ago

    Why isn’t the City working with those of us impacted by this huge project? Mr. Massey came to your HOA, didn’t answer any questions, and just said we plan on building this next year. Told us to send any questions in writing to the City. We did. No answers. Ms. Morris said we’ll answer them at the meeting on the greenbelt, well that didn’t happen. Then at the community meeting they were joking about our 144 questions. It’s a joke and no one in charge has answered our questions in writing or answered on video for everyone to see. The City is ignoring us and our concerns, it’s like they have something to hide. The City is treating us like we don’t matter, we’re an after thought that they can ignore. Real serious problems were found about liquefaction, soil settlement damages, high water tables, water damaging basements and underground parking. The City is not authorizing or paying for any studies about harm to homeowners and they are not acting in the best interest of the homeowners and citizens who live near the project. We need an EIR to look at all the problems and issues with this project. Respectfully, Maritza Alvarado

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    Christine Wike about 5 years ago

    I am opposed to the Hermosa Beach Greenbelt as the location selected for the stormwater infiltration project. Our small city should not have to house and host this enormous project for Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach and Torrance under our Greenbelt. The area selected is highly residential with a high ground water table. The project subjects the area and its densely populated residents to potential soil contamination dangers and subjects the area to the risk of liquifaction. Alternative sites need to be further explored and proposed.

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    Kelly Kress about 5 years ago

    I strongly oppose this project for many of the reasons the majority of residents Ian our city opposed the oil drilling project. It is not well planned or thought out it will be extremely disruptive to the fabric of our community and change the very landscape that we live in. The Greenbelt is one of our greatest assets in Hermosa and it will not be improved on by this project, removal of nature trees and the unique natural look of the Greenbelt cannot be replicated by landscape designers. This is just cosmetic and doesn’t even touch on potential subsidence and underground impacts. Why the city would consider this to be a viable project, and why the City refuses to respond to the very valid and sensible questions so far posed by residents is pretty shocking and disappointing. We will fight this as we fought the oil drilling and win again. Has the City Council learned nothing from the costly E&B debacle?

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    Leeanne Singleton, Environmental Analyst admin about 5 years ago

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    Carol Herschelman about 5 years ago

    City councilmembers are required to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities. They have been elected by Hermosa Beach residents and TRUSTED by their constituents to uphold that oath. Selecting the greenbelt as the location for the infiltration project without a site-specific EIR demonstrates their reckless disregard for the numerous and legitimate concerns regarding engineering, environmental, legal, structural and financial problems. How can these councilmembers look in the mirror and look into our eyes and say that they have performed their duty to the best of their abilities? Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would have to be part of a protest against our city government in order to save our greenbelt and the surrounding properties. They have broken my trust. I'm absolutely heartsick. "Yes to an infiltration or reclamation project, a vehement NO to the greenbelt location!!"

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    maria haase about 5 years ago

    The residents of Hermosa Beach OPPOSE the location of the Infiltration project. Please choose an alternate site, NOT our Greenbelt.
    Hermosa Beach accounts for only 5 - 10% of the watershed, so why not have the project in Redondo Beach or Torrance?
    Another reason to consider a different site is because the Greenbelt area is a Liquefaction Hazard Zone. Save our Greenbelt!

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    Xavier Haase about 5 years ago

    I find it absolutely INFURIATING that many of the working men and women of the Hermosa Beach community have been FORCED to spend THOUSANDS OF HOURS fighting this ILL-CONCEIVED project proposal for our precious Greenbelt and parkland. From organizing and holding meetings, to researching and writing about this project, to asking questions and making comments at several Hermosa Beach City Council meetings, etc. we have exhausted ourselves in this FIGHT -- a FIGHT for our homes, a FIGHT for our safety, and a FIGHT FOR THE HEALTH AND SAFETY OF OUR CHILDREN -- we are in a FIGHT for our lives. And we're having to do it all at the last minute, all because WE WERE NOT INFORMED IN A TIMELY MANNER ABOUT THIS PROJECT. This is a clear VIOLATION of the Brown Act, and it is absolutely intolerable.

    I found out about this project BY ACCIDENT on Thursday, March 29, 2018!!! I just happened to be driving by the Greenbelt on 2nd Street and Valley, and I noticed a table set up with a few people around it. I didn't know anything about it or what was going on. Fortunately, my wife walked over and inquired about the nature of the event. SHE CAME BACK SCREAMING THAT THEY WERE GOING TO DESTROY THE GREENBELT!!! THIS is how we found out about this proposed project for the Greenbelt. Since then, we have proposed AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN for the City Council to change the location of this underground water infiltration system to other sites. This tight-knit Hermosa Beach community DEMANDS TO BE HEARD, and we DEMAND that you change the location of this project to somewhere else besides the Greenbelt.

    Xavier Haase

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    Karen Klink about 5 years ago

    I will not be in town for the the meeting on June 19th. I live at The Mooring and would like to see the project done elsewhere but if it is done here I just want the necessary studies (which from what I understand would probably be an EIR) done to ensure that it is safe for us and the surrounding area. I would suggest that the City learn to do a better job communicating with it constituents on both a timely, clear and transparent manner. MY other issue is that I do not believe that the Greenbelt will be restored or made better when the project is done, certainly not in my lifetime! We love our Greenbelt the way it is, our trees are not dead or diseased, we don't care if they are native or not. Sincerely, Karen Klink 501 Herondo, Unit 36

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    Scott Goldenberg about 5 years ago

    Hello, I am a resident of the Moorings, and oppose the infiltration project. Without an EIR it is dangerous to proceed, but any project of this nature should be done away from residences, for the potential of environmental impact, possible liquification, and potential harm to residents who live within close proximity. This is obviously something that needs a more thorough evaluation, and should not be rushed through. I have lived in Hermosa for over 20 years, and firmly oppose this project on the greenbelt. Thank you, Scott Goldenberg

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    Lorie Armendariz about 5 years ago

    We need this. The Herondo storm drain is not filtered at all and dumps loads of dirty bacteria laden waste into our beautiful ocean. I support a clean ocean, so YES, let's put this filtration project in!

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    Shannon Gorman about 5 years ago

    Wrong location for this project! Without an EIR it dangerous, irresponsible and will prove to be a very expensive mistake if it proceeds.

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    Mike Ball about 5 years ago

    I would request an EIR before any further movement of this matter. Once again it looks like we'll be the dumping ground for Redondo Beach.
    Mike Ball

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    Leo Barker about 5 years ago

    At the very least the city council members owe it to their residents to have this $million design by "Tetra Tech" reviewed by staff who are qualified and licensed engineering personnel with experience in the design/construction/maintenance of underground retention chambers?

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    Kaye Thomas about 5 years ago

    I live directly across the street from the proposed construction. My Mother ( 95 years old) and her husband(90 years old) also live with me. The disruption to their quality of life with ongoing construction for 2 years is totally unacceptable. The likely hood of fumes and odors from the project will certainly endanger their health. I seriously doubt any council member is opting to have this project g in their front yards. This is a project that should be done in a commercial area, not a residential neighborhood.
    It makes no sense to tear down that part of the greenbelt and replace it with a water storage facility that I will see from my front room. I speak from 40 years of experience in selling homes in the Beach Cities. Putting that facility in that location will cost all homeowners who live along the green belt hundreds of thousands of dollars in the value of their homes. The concept is beyond reckless.

    In addition to the unsightly facility, loss of trees and the loss of home values; I am also very concerned about that much water being diverted and any chemicals and or odors that will arise from the project. I lived in North Manhattan Beach for many years and these types of plants are not odorless.

    We just had to fight an Oil drilling issue that planned to run pipes in the same area and now our own City Council is planning to destroy the value of our homes as well as the air we breathe.

    Shame on every one of you for even considering doing this in a residential area.

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    Judith Mango about 5 years ago

    Plain and simple, it is just too dangerous to put the infiltration system at
    this location given the many safety and environmental issues that have
    been presented to the City over and over again. In addition, not to
    have an EIR done for the site is outright negligence.