Meeting Time: July 17, 2018 at 7:00pm PDT
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10. REPORT 18-0447 Conditional Use Permit Amendment 18-6 to allow vehicle sales/rental and general repair/service for an electric vehicle dealership (E3 Vehicles) within an existing building, and to allow limited outdoor vehicle display, on a 3,163 square foot lot in the SPA-7 (Specific Plan Area 7) zoning district at 619 Pacific Coast Highway; and determination that the project is Categorically Exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

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    Miguel Escobar almost 6 years ago

    i have an electric vehicle and i LOVE IT. i actually bought it from a private vendor and then took it to Amy at E3 Vehicles to upgrade the motor so it would be street legal and safe. She made it happen and now i am able to drive in all streets that are legal for me to drive the Electric car! E3 is definitely heading in the best direction of clean technology on the streets and Hermosa Beach should support them for the best living
    here in southern california!!!

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    eric saneholtz almost 6 years ago

    I completely support having E3 vehicles relocate to Hermosa Beach and this portion of PCH. This South Bay family owned business has taken a great deal of pride in not only their business but their community; E3 is leading the way in clean tech poised to disrupt an entire sector, and Hermosa Beach only stands to benefit by providing support for a business that epitomizes the California lifestyle. In looking at this stretch of PCH, a family owned and operated business willing to participate in and give back to the community is exactly what is needed.

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    Anonymous Anonymous almost 6 years ago

    E3 Vehicles is a local company that is helping make our community a better place. The influx of these completely electric vehicles is something that we should be embracing as a community. An argument against the company is how many cars are in the neighborhood already and how traffic will be increased and make life hard. E3 coming into our community will help fix the problem, voting against them is not the way to solve this problem. With more and more electric vehicles cars will slowly start to disappear and be replaced by these smaller more fuel efficient alternative. Too many carts that can't go much above the speed limit and that are good for the environment seems a lot better than cars speeding through neighborhoods and taking up more space than a small golf cart. Finally from what I have seen the company works well with their neighbors and are nice local people who have been around forever. Sure its not always easy, but their partnership with the car shop nearby, which allows them to advertise more, shows me they are able to work with those around them and find the best way for both to succeed .

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    Sue Roberts almost 6 years ago

    Very exciting to have a locally owned South Bay family business on this corridor of PCH. This area needs more beautification and E3 vehicles is a great fit. The owners are long-time South Bay residents who care and support our community and our environment!

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    nancy nehoray almost 6 years ago

    I completely support having E3 vehicles in Hermosa Beach. I own two of them and I can’t say enough about how many people in Hermosa stop and ask me about where they can purchase one. This type of vehicle totally supports what Hermosa Beach life style is about.

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    Afsheen Nehoray almost 6 years ago

    My name is Dr. Afsheen Nehoray and I reside in Hermossa beach. I have been using E3 vehicles for many years. Their integrity, loyalty, and care for the neighborhood and their customers is amazing. They are bringing to our neighborhood the very thing that we need, zero emmisons for our beach community!
    I personally owned two of their vehicles and I have referred several of my clients to them. I believe it would be a great asset to our neighborhood since they not only service the vehicles which may be stranded at someone’s house because there is no service for them in our neighborhood, but they also offer every possible type of electric vehicle for sale. We 100% support their business in our neighborhood.

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    Kerry Bosse almost 6 years ago

    I think it is extremely important to support small local businesses in our neighborhood, and more importantly one that can help the environment! E3 Vehicles absolutely represents the South Bay and who we are as a community and I would very much support them in Hermosa Beach!!

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    Lisa Wessel almost 6 years ago

    Looking forward to this business opening! I have only heard positive things about this Family owned 3E vehicles. Being a longtime resident, nothing makes me happier than to see our community grow in a positive way. The NEV business is perfect for our healthy, active, consciences lifestyle at the beach. This is a community builder!

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    Patricia Moore almost 6 years ago

    We are thrilled that the South Bay is the leader in supporting environmentally friendly options for transportation. What a great way to spruce up that part of PCH and support clean air electric vehicles at the same time.

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    Holly Hipwell almost 6 years ago

    The owners of E3 Electric vehicles, Billy and Amy Errett, are longstanding members of the South Bay community. I have watched their business flourish and grow at the original location in Redondo Beach. The addition of their electric golf cart business to PCH in Hermosa Beach to me is a welcome addition to the community. These carts run on clean energy and are conducive to our beach life style. They are fun and safe, and an enhancement to our community. Fears of disruption, lack of parking, etc. to me are completed unfounded.

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    Cory Sufnar almost 6 years ago

    I love the idea of electric vehicles in our neighborhood! Let’s do our part to keep our neighborhoods clean from carbon monoxide and support our small local business. This is what the South Bay is all about.

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    Nicholas Napoli almost 6 years ago

    I fully support E3 and the proposal for the new location. I have been a customer for over a year and have had my GEM serviced multiple times by the staff. They are impossibly knowledgeable, kind, and have a passion for what they do. My GEM was not built nor purchased by E3. When I took it there for brake issues and to get an estimate, they immediately insisted I leave it as they felt it was unsafe to drive and could potentially be a hazard to the community if the brakes failed completely. After a full inspection, they found numerous issues and worked to make the car perfectly safe. They never pushed for me to get the work done there but, rather, encouraged the importance of operating a safe vehicle regardless of where the work was done. I live in Hermosa Beach and believe the lifestyle that these vehicles provide is truly what the South Bay is about. Clean, electric vehicles operated at low speeds in the beach areas are a great way to enjoy the neighborhoods we work so hard to live in and keep safe for our families and neighbors as they are operated at low speeds and provide maximum visibility. I know the people of E3 care about our community and would never want to make a negative impact; in fact, it is the exact opposite.

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    Christina Wennstrom almost 6 years ago

    I personally have used E3 vehicles on multiple occasions & their business has the utmost concern for safety in our South Bay neighborhood as well as their great customer services. They take the time to personally train you on the directions to operate the NEV & help guide you on all the necessary instructions. The owners truly care about our South Bay community, they raise their kids here, give back to local charities & are involved in multiple programs within the city. I’m excited to visit this new location as it has a large parking lot in the back that will be really accommodating! Love how E3 Vehicles gives our community an edge that benefits our South Bay lifestyle by being electric to help our environment & also give that cool vibe when one drives it around here—it’s the best beach accessory.

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    anonymous anonymous almost 6 years ago

    I live in Hermosa Beach on 6th Street between Ardmore & PCH and have numerous concerns about the activities permitted in the CUP – primarily related to parking, safety and increased traffic. Safety is my biggest concern as renters or people test driving the vehicles (who may not be familiar with the vehicle, PCH traffic, etc) will be pulling out of a short driveway, across a sidewalk and onto a highway…this seems like a recipe for disaster given how fast people drive, especially during rush hour. Additionally, it has the potential to cause quite the traffic nightmare when people are trying to pull into a tiny driveway during rush hour. My next concern is related to parking as there are no new spaces being required, so where will customers park? If a person is renting one of the vehicles for the day or weekend, I fear that they will park on 6th street (which already has limited parking) due to the fact that there is no parking on the west side of PCH during rush hour. My last concern is around the increased traffic flow on 6th street as they use it as a cut through to get to the beach or to get off a congested highway.