Meeting Time: July 17, 2018 at 7:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

11. REPORT 18-0445 Precise Development Plan 16-7 and Parking Plan 16-2 to allow a new three-story, detached 2,744 square foot commercial building with ground floor retail and second and third floor office space, to be constructed behind the existing 1,841 square foot single-family residence which will be converted to a single-unit motel, and a Parking Plan to allow the 12-space parking requirement to be met with 4 on-site spaces (including 1 tandem space) plus fees in lieu for 8 spaces, on a 4,023 square foot lot in the C-2 (Restricted Commercial) zoning district at 70 10th Street; and adoption of a Mitigated Negative Declaration.

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    Dennis Toomey about 6 years ago

    The Toomey family has owned and resided at this address on 10th Street for over 50 years, in that time we have witnessed a significant reduction in our quality of life here, due for the most part, to density and parking issues, which continue to worsen. We do not believe that allowing developers to circumvent the existing Parking Requirements is beneficial to any of the residents in the surrounding area. The requirement for 12 spaces should be enforced, In addition we are opposed to the “Single Unit Hotel concept, basically a BNB situation. Please refrain from selling us down the river again!!

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    Yefim Sklyar about 6 years ago

    I support development. It will bring value to the people who visit Hermosa Beach and enable local businesses to serve local community.
    I have property in HB. Nice to find out that developer is committed to keep historical integrity of 10th street.

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    Jeannie PennerMore about 6 years ago

    As a long time local resident in the Beach Cities, and a Commissioner for the Redondo Beach Preservation Commission, I have worked with many developers addressing the integrity of the historical features of properties. I have followed this property with interest and compliment the developer for keeping with the historical aspect of the original property. As far as the parking issue that I have seen in other comments, with the exception of weekends, there appears to be adequate public parking, especially with nearby city parking lot.

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    Jonathan Webb about 6 years ago

    As a HB homeowner, I support development that aims to beautify our City and/or enables local businesses to thrive. This project encapsulates both characteristics and in-turn, generates an increase in tax revenue from non-residents.

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    jeff sparks about 6 years ago

    I have lived here for 24 years. The existing available street parking on 10th street is a burden on both homeowners and renters a like. This high density neighborhood has many homes without any parking and limited tenant parking for the numerous rentals. There is virtually no guest parking, especially in summer, and adding two stories of commercial office space will result in the need for more than the 8 parking spots required by current zoning.
    This area was down-zoned from R-3, to R-2, then to R-2B to address the over-crowding issues. The existing structure –slated for rental income- already monopolizes parking at the corner and does not use the fenced in back yard for guest parking-instead they presently have an RV parked and use the street for guests as well as the side yard on 10th. Although zoned commercial, the existing structure was a residential home for decades. 10th street has numerous rental units without parking and already services business at both ends of the street that have their employees park on 10th when spots are available. Instead of allowing fewer parking spots –the commission and city council should require necessary parking be included in any design or plan to construct any new commercial building so they do not further burden the neighborhood with congestion.
    This section of the city is so over-crowded with commercial and residential use that it is almost necessary that an EIR (environmental impact report) be authored for any new commercial multi-story building. The potential for the new hotel at the Mermaid site magnifies the need that for all new construction that adds office/living space to provide parking so as not to erode the existing resident’s quality of life by increasing the number of cars that will compete for the existing limited street parking.
    10th street is one of the few remaining streets with roots to our past when life was simpler, land cheaper, and living at the beach was a dream not a privilege for the rich and famous. If they can’t afford to provide the required parking then they shouldn’t have bought the land for development. The zoning laws requiring providing parking for new construction were in place when the property was purchased by the new owners.

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    Reuben Zadeh about 6 years ago

    This project will only add to the impossible congestion there already exists around the pier area. Further, this project will negatively impact the residential buildings directly adjacent to the project site by creating excessive noise, impossible parking congestion, added transient people traffic and a huge reduction in quality of life for the people living on 10th Street and 10th Court directly behind 10th Street who are currently living in their own properties in peace.