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S-40-20/21 Equity Task Force Recommendations Ms. Cole/ Adoption is recommended on the Equity Task Force Ms. Bove-LaMonica recommendations, and to give staff direction to develop and implement an action plan for the recommendations

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    Carolyn Petty over 2 years ago

    I agree that the Diversity Task Force should be concluded. I have been disturbed listening to the comments from people serving on the Diversity Task Force, who have maligned the history of our town.

    Their recommendations are not innocent nor are they well intentioned. If one listens carefully to their conversations, it becomes quite apparent that they are radical and their quest for curriculum changes is far reaching. As one of the task force members commented, why would we stop at history? Why not science? This leads the school down a path whereby everything and everyone is racist. The task force even referenced Portland schools as an example which could be followed. Portland schools are probably among the most radical in the country. How could that be brought forth as an example to be followed? By the way, Portland school enrollment is dropping and not just due to Covid. I have family who knows Portland well. People are pulling their kids out of those schools that have focused more on indoctrination rather than education. The more you walk down this path, the more you push people away with this radical agenda.

    While you may believe that reduced enrollment in Hermosa Beach is purely due to Covid, I would disagree based upon conversations I have had with parents who are fed up with the focus towards the “woke” culture.

    Every parent should be concerned about the hiring of Sheri Atwater. It does not take much research to understand her philosophies – extensive discussion of “white privilege”, “implicit biases” and her disdain for “male patriarchy”. How do you think she will interact with boys? Will she make them feel ashamed? There is nothing more insulting and demoralizing than telling a child that the only reason their parents are successful is due to the color of their skin. That goes against every principle taught to generations of Americans. Do you think Hermosa parents will appreciate you going down this path?

    Is your plan to do what is happening in other schools, such as discouraging words such as “Mother, “Father”. Will you ban cherished traditions such as the Father Daughter dance because it is not considered “inclusive”?

    It is time for parents to start speaking up and pushing back. Silence will be perceived as acceptance. The children will be the ones paying the price of an educational system that focuses more on “wokeness” than education.