Meeting Time: October 09, 2018 at 6:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

3. 18-0611 CONFERENCE WITH LEGAL COUNSEL: Non-Litigated Claims Update The City finds, based on advice from legal counsel, that discussion in open session will prejudice the position of the City in the litigation. Existing Litigation - Government Code Section 54956.9(d)(2) and (e)(3) a) Claimant: Ryan Beck, Claim Number: 18-138015 Date of Loss: 9/2/2018, Date Filed: 9/27/2018 Allegation: HBPD vehicle rolled and hit claimant's parked vehicle causing damage b) Claimant: Mary Behar, Claim Number: 18-136066 Date of Loss: 5/9/2018, Date Filed: 6/5/2018 Allegation: A foul ball from Clark Field (baseball field) broke claimant's skylight c) Claimant: Kerry Cartwright, Claim Number: 18-135394 Date of Loss: 12/10/2017, Date Filed: 4/26/2018 Allegation: Broken foot due to trip and fall over an unmarked curb d) Claimant: Michael Dang, Claim Number: 18-134303 Date of Loss: 12/15/2017, Date Filed: 2/13/2018 Allegation: Damage to claimant's vehicle due to city barrier/gate blocking his driveway e) Claimant: Mercury Insurance; Robin O'Reilly, Claim Number: 18-136070 Date of Loss: 4/10/2018, Date Filed: 6/5/2018, Revised Claim: 7/16/2018 Allegation: Damage to claimant's vehicle due to broken tree stump f) Claimant: Mark Roth, Claim Numbers: 17-133642 Date of Loss: 11/7/2017, Date Filed: 12/26/2017 Allegation: City granted or will grant Certificate of Occupancy for illegal structure g) Claimant: Mark Roth, Claim Numbers: 18-135936 Date of Loss: 11/26/2017, Date Filed: 5/24/2018 Allegation: Failure to protect claimant's property from adjacent construction projects h) Claimant: Allen Virtue, Claim Numbers: 18-134183 Date of Loss: 7/15/2017, Date Filed: 1/14/2018 Allegation: HBPD violated Bane Act and U.S. Constitution i) Claimant: John Zamora, Claim Numbers: 18-134743 Date of Loss: 8/4/2017, Date Filed with Los Angeles County: 2/1/2018 Allegation: Failure to reasonably own, maintain, supervise beach and shoreline