Meeting Time: October 23, 2018 at 6:00pm PDT
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c) REPORT 18-0664 FIESTA HERMOSA COUNCIL SUBCOMMITTEE UPDATE (Assistant to the City Manager Nico De Anda-Scaia)

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    Christine Tasto almost 5 years ago

    Last year upon many residents' dissatisfaction with the two identical Fiesta Hermosas and the over commercialization of the events, there was discussion around re-imagining it. It was communicated and understood that the responsible parties were going to evolve the event (or at least one) to make it more community oriented and true to its roots as an arts festival. As much as there was conversation about positive changes, when visiting this year's events, in my opinion, there were no noticeable changes. The events are not community events -- unlike the Hometown Fair next door. That yearly event is charming and community oriented and also features bands, and booths, beer gardens and non-profits earning money. Why wouldn't we aspire as a community to improve upon something that is not representative of our town? And not only do we have one, but we have two - two weeks where we steer clear of events (as do many of our friends and neighbors) that should in fact be bringing more of our community together.