Meeting Time: May 21, 2019 at 7:00pm PDT
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    Dean francois over 4 years ago

    we have organized opposition to the proposed strand and beach hotel which will severely block the public's right to ocean views from the plaza and Beach Dr. we have close to 1000 supporters of our efforts that have provided comments to the EIR on that project which is not yet finalized.

    the project is not exempt from CEQA. it violates the CA Coastal Act section 20543 a.
    the proposal includes awnings, lights, and building a very high wall in the existing parking lot which extensively blocks the public's right to an ocean view from the public plaza and Beach Drive.

    development must comply with the CA Coastal Act: which states “...development shall be sited and designed to protect views to and along the ocean and scenic coastal areas...”

    i support the expansion of this restaurant into the parking lot, with the elimination of any wall over 2 feet high to protect the ocean view. no umbrellas or outdoor heaters should be allowed. these interfere with the protected view.

    a canvas awning is proposed. this should not block the protected view.

    a proposed concrete wall 42" high along the strand will block the protected view. this should be reduced to 24", or if any higher than that should be transparent non-fading plastic. a suggestion that an even higher transparent plexiglass be installed up to 6 feet high to satisfy the police department should not be included in the permit. plexiglass fades over time and a better alternative should be used. faded plastic will block the protected view. the one at hennessey's is an example of the faded plastic and one can no longer even see those travelling along the strand and accidents have happened. fortunately that faded wall does not block the ov=ocean view as this one will.

    19 umbrellas and outdoor heaters are proposed. these should be eliminated. the proposed planter should not block protected views.

    an inward swinging gate is proposed to enter from the strand and this should be seriously analyzed as it will interfere with cycling and fast moving traffic on the strand causing more congestion. if proposed, it should be closed and not used during high traffic times (IE: afternoon daylight hours).

    i am not able to attend the meeting. please call me to discuss:
    or email

    please give this the consideration it deserves considering all those that support this protection of public views. if you intend to approve this project it will be an eyesore to the public and the outcry will be heard!!