Meeting Time: February 25, 2020 at 6:00pm PST
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    Marisa Hirtzel over 3 years ago

    The businesses in the Cyprus are really the heart of Hermosa culture. Mangellis keeps the surf history of Hermosa alive and places like ShockBoxx and Resin are forming the next generation of artists. All private events held in this area in the past have been very respectfully and professionally run. I would be very excited to see more happening in this special area of Hermosa.

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    Alison McMahon over 3 years ago

    The existence of thr activities in Hermosa's Cypress Arts district are important to me both as a working artist and long time resident who grew up in the South Bay and knows and loves its roots. Our arts district and board builders are a draw to the area other than bars and real estate flips. The energy is lovely, and when all are open for an event, positively electric. Support for this area and its focus MUCH appreciated. I have returned here to paint beach architecture. It's wonderful have a local gallery to think about while working*. Check my work on IG. *important motivator

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    Robin Caceres over 3 years ago

    Please support and grant permits for Cypress. I have lived in Hermosa for 58 years and have enjoyed the events that are sponsored by the artists and crafts people on this block. Such a great addition to our lovely beach city.

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    Eden Jones over 3 years ago

    I support what’s happening on cypress! I am a life long South Bay local born and raised and cypress street is a very special place to all of native southbay and so much history behind cypress! Keeping cypress is keeping history alive

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    Brent Broza over 3 years ago

    I am in full support of this amendment! We need art in our community!

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    Beth Burke over 3 years ago

    Please allow permits for small businesses to open and continue to operate in Cypress District.

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    Michael Voss over 3 years ago

    Hello, I am a Chicago based artist. My wife Julie and I flew in two weeks ago stayed a long weekend in Hermosa Beach to attend a local gallery opening reception. I found the art scene to be vibrant, smart and inspiring. We can't wait to come back. You guys are doing it right in Hermosa Beach. What a great emerging Art scene!!!

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    Wendy Layne over 3 years ago

    I recently had a piece of art accepted into a gallery exhibit at ShockBoxx Gallery and my husband and I flew to Hermosa Beach from the Austin, Tx area to attend the gallery event opening night. We spent the weekend in the Southbay and we absolutely LOVED visiting Hermosa. We found the people were so friendly, the area was beautiful and we will definitely return to Hermosa Beach especially for art events. I would absolutely encourage you to consider to continue to make it easy for more of these events to occur by adopting the new event permit. Bringing more artists to your area for shows like this is a positive thing for your city.

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    theodosia marchant over 3 years ago

    I support this amendment fully - it will help the artistic development of the district!

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    Hans Geiger over 3 years ago

    Art's cool.

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    Patti Sousa over 3 years ago

    Dear City Council,
    I support the amendment so that the community can come together and enjoy all that the Cypress district has to offer. This area has such potential and I am proud to be a partner in a business that is located there. As a resident of Loma Drive just one street over from Cypress, I am excited for this area to continue to build on the positive changes that have happened in a short period of time, which is a HUGE improvement to what used to go on down there in the form of many illegal activities, filth and other unsavory activities.
    Thank you.

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    Alex Lockwood over 3 years ago

    I support this amendment fully. It will help sustain the artistic growth of the future Cypress Arts District.

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    Russ Gilbert over 3 years ago

    It's hard to imagine a downside to the increased foot traffic, commercial activity, and promotion and expressions of culture this amendment would provide. Making it both less expensive and easier for the businesses in the Cypress District to get these permits will only benefit Hermosa Beach as a community. I say this as someone with my home just one block over from Cypress.

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    Karl Rogers over 3 years ago

    I support these amendments! Way to go everyone involved!

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    Dennis Jarvis over 3 years ago

    Our town needs culture, culture is derived from participation of the many. You must have gatherings to connect with other artistic "like minded" people. From consumers to critiques there should be an ability to let people gather (as long as the events keep in mind the neighbors (and from what I have heard they are carful not to over step the boundaries)--- please let this really cool location continue to have the gatherings needed to spurn the growth for out city. there is nothing like Cypress in the the whole City of Hermosa...let the culture SHINE!

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    Robert Fortunato over 3 years ago

    Honorable Mayor Campbell, City Council and Staff, This note is in strong support of the new permit to allow more events in the Cypress district. My wife and I have attended many art and music events there and the community coming together in that way is one of our favorite parts of living here. It needs to be encouraged and fostered and this permit will make that possible going forward.


    Robert Fortunato

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    Paul Daniel over 3 years ago

    I fully support the proposed amendment for Cypress District Businesses having attended the wonderful gatherings at the art gallery there several evenings along with supporting other businesses there as well. Hemrosa is and has always been about inclusion and diversity especially with the art community. Gavin Rubin's comments expresses so well in detail how much of us longtime residents feel. I've lived in Hemrosa Beach at the same address almost 30 years and even worked in Hermosa Beach for 14 years. I know what the core community is all about and so much of that has been expressed on Cypress. Thank you for hearing us on this important matter!

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    Eric Rauseo over 3 years ago

    Dear Council,

    I am in full support of the proposed amendment. The gallery scene has brought back life to a once stale part of the city.

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    Chris Kelleher over 3 years ago

    Gallery events bring more cultural diversity to the South Bay.

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    Gavin Rubin over 3 years ago

    Dear City Council:

    I would like to voice my support of the proposed amendment. Every community strives for the proper balance of family harmony, safety, community and commerce. I feel the movement on Cypress encompasses all these elements.

    Prior to the development of Cypress the area was becoming stale and entering a state of industrial fatigue to the point of having a proposed oil drilling operation being implemented. Having recently attended art, music and surf related events on Cypress I have seen the staleness crumble and the underlying area begin to embrace the sense of community that makes us love and live in the South Bay. How lucky are we to evolve from a proposed oil drilling facility to a cutting edge example on how to integrate light industry with the arts and the community as a whole. This endeavor, if allowed to blossom could serve as a blue print for other communities on creating a model for light industry commerce and community to exist in harmony.

    Hermosa cannot thwart this initiative and lose the opportunity to establish itself as a pioneer in this type of joint development. I am proud of the sound analysis that has taken place thus far on the matter. Council is establishing itself as forward thinking and trend setting in the integration of industry and community. Don't stop now. Lets see what Cypress can be not only for our community, but the rest of the country.