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Agenda Item

6. REPORT 20-0368 Precise Development Plan (PDP20-2) and Parking Plan Amendment (PARK20-2), a request to: 1) reduce the overall building size from 6,849 square feet to 6,732 square feet (71 square feet will be added to first floor and 188 square feet will be removed from second floor), 2) remodel the entire building to convert from a multi-tenant building to a single-tenant, 3) add a new 2,212 square foot roof deck, 4) remodel all of the façades of the office building, 5) amend a previously approved Parking Plan (PARK94-5) to reduce the on-site parking from eight to seven spaces in order to accommodate an ADA parking space, on property located at 1001 Hermosa Avenue; and determine that the project is categorically exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act.

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    yolgi gim over 3 years ago

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    David Grethen over 3 years ago

    When considering the Parking Plan Amendment and PDP Criterion #2 for 1001 Hermosa Ave in Agenda Item 6, it seems noteworthy that the revised parking configuration, reducing the number of on-site spaces from 8 to 7, still satisfies the on-site minimum of 25% of the total 27 space requirement, thus being in compliance with HBMC Section 17.44.040 (E) 2.b for buildings that exceed a 1:1 gross floor area to building site area ratio, as seems to be the case here, with the remaining spaces provided “in lieu”.