Meeting Time: July 06, 2020 at 6:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

7. REPORT 20-0410 Stakeholder Advisory Working Group

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    Robin Bosmajian almost 3 years ago

    I support closing one lane on each side of Pier Avenue and Hermosa Avenue so that our restaurants can stay in business. Manhattan and Redondo have done an excellent job of social distancing in their restaurants by having the additional outdoor space. My husband and I walk down each weekend on Friday and Sunday for lunch and or brunch and I love the feel of sidewalk cafe just needs to be larger but also not burden these businesses with any exorbitant fees.
    As for the road diet proposed for Prospect Avenue I am opposed in the 18 years we have been back in Hermosa, parking has been a challenge. More 2 on lots or having adult kids with cars we run out of parking.

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    Kevin Bell almost 3 years ago

    The plaza is great, but we need sidewalks or someplace else for people to walk in other areas of the city. We have an extra lane on both Hemosa and Pier, let’s use it for our citizens and visitors. Ventura, CA had no extra lane so they were forced to close the entire street. However, by doing this, they eliminated people jamming the sidewalks, social distanced lines formed on the sidewalks, people ate in the parking spots, and they walked in the road - felt very safe. It allowed a park like atmosphere with plenty of space for social distancing. I support providing more outdoor spaces in our small city. Maybe we can be creative to find traffic solutions that get cars out of the city core and into parking spots so help our local businesses.

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    James Beirne almost 3 years ago

    I feel that closing the streets to enhance outdoor dining in Hermosa Beach would greatly benefit both restaurants and the community as a whole. Most of our restaurants have suffered greatly through the last few months and on top of that had an extremely slow day on the Fourth of July with the beaches closed. I feel like the energy of outdoor dining is valuable to all of Hermosa Beach and those as those who wish to participate can safely support our businesses through this extremely difficult time. Beyond that Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach and El Segundo have gone all-in so to speak on this front. Hermosa is behind our neighbors which causes our local businesses to suffer. Please support this initiative.

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    william palmatary almost 3 years ago

    i am writing in support of closing streets to allow for restaurants to expand their footprint and allow for increased outdoor dining for these reasons: Neighboring cities have found this to be very successful, it helps restaurants during a very difficult time, furthers their financial viability in this environment, and improves safety while making lifestyle choices during this pandemic.

    I encourage you to move towards these goals.