Meeting Time: July 06, 2020 at 6:00pm PDT
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8. REPORT 20-0415 Business Recovery Updates

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    Gary Goeldner about 1 month ago

    It supports local business
    Proven safe and viable in our neighboring cities
    It’s a win win for business and residents

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    Emma Goeldner about 1 month ago

    As a resident of the city, and someone that enjoys dining locally, i support the city of Hermosa Beach to close some streets allowing additional outdoor dining spaces.

    This would be great for residents, visitors, and local business and I believe it’s vital to helping support our local economy at this time.

    Other cities across the USA and around the world have done a great job creating safe, distanced but atmospheric al fresco Dining spaces. Let’s do the same in Hermosa.

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    Dency Nelson about 1 month ago

    Here’s a version of what I posted on FB yesterday seeing Upper Pier Avenue in its current reimagining:
    If NYC was able to get rid of cars in Times Square and turn it into a “”people friendly” plaza, we can do this on Pier Avenue on a permanent basis. Then there would be a reason to stroll up to this part of downtown and not just the bar scene that is Pier Plaza. There isn’t much else to attract folks to this part of our downtown now. This could do the trick! It’s great! Let’s reimagine Hermosa!

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    laura greco about 1 month ago

    I am writing to support Hermosa Beach closing some streets to accommodate outdoor dining. Other cities have done a great job with this and we need to be on the same level, with the same opportunities for our businesses. This will help small businesses with revenue, create/ bring back more jobs for our locals, support the overall Hermosa Beach economy and offer a better lifestyle for residents. Living in the neighborhood and having a newborn, we are only comfortable eating outdoors so more options would be greatly appreciated! Let’s make this happen!!

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    Tonya Stenlake about 1 month ago

    Surrounding cities and cities abroad have proven this works. If this makes people more comfortable and allows restaurants to accommodate more people then it will bring more revenue. It will be good for our economy and our mental health.

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    Nicole Burke about 1 month ago

    I am writing to support Hermosa Beach closing some roads to facilitate outdoor
    dining. I believe this is a vital allowance for restaurants to remain viable in this difficult time during a pandemic. Closed streets allows for more outside dining and it’s good for the Hermosa economy. Closed streets allow outside dining which improves the lifestyle available to hermosa residents. Surrounding cities have already proven it to be very viable.

    Thank you to the council for all your hard work and for advocating for our small businesses.

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    Melba Rodriguez about 1 month ago

    On behalf of Chef Melba's Bistro we would like the support and help from the City to build out deck dining on metered parking spaces where available. Unfortunately, not all businesses including Chef Melba's, have enough space for multiple tables and chairs on the sidewalk. Expanding the dining deck on the parking spaces would help increase revenue potential. Many residents are expressing their interest in starting a GoFundMe page to help support struggling businesses. The funds raised would help to pay some of the costs involved with expanding the dining decks (i.e. road barriers, leveling the decks, signage, etc). Does the City have any funds to help with this project? We'd like to know what the City can contribute so that we know what we need to raise. Your guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Chef Melba

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    Julie Denny about 1 month ago

    I support Hermosa Beach closing some roads to support outdoor dining

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    Ashley Tull about 1 month ago

    First and foremost I would like to thank City Council for their efforts to ensure our local businesses and residents get the support and attention they deserve, your positions are frequently the punching bag for our frustrations and you continue to advocate for us all.

    I fully support the closing of as many streets and lanes as possible to increase foot traffic and dining availability to all of our local establishments.

    Research has proven that expanding walkways, dining areas, and shopping availability into the streets increases revenue and boosts moral. In places such as Las Ramblas in Barcelona or the open air markets in Morocco, business both large and small thrive with these concepts.

    Please make this happen!