Meeting Time: January 04, 2021 at 6:00pm PST
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******************************************************************************************************* THIS MEETING IS HELD PURSUANT TO EXECUTIVE ORDER N-29-20 ISSUED BY GOVERNOR GAVIN NEWSOM ON MARCH 17, 2020. ANY OR ALL PLANNING COMMISSION MEMBERS MAY ATTEND AND PARTICIPATE BY TELECONFERENCE/VIRTUAL MEETING. MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC MAY PARTICIPATE BY TELECONFERENCE. *******************************************************************************************************

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    Peterbhq56245afsdfsaf5621 Peterbhq56245afsdfsaf5621 over 2 years ago

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    Sam Perrotti over 2 years ago

    I suggest that the temporary expansion of outside dinning areas on Pier Avenue, Hermosa Avenue and Pier Plaza become permanent. Also solo musicians should be allowed to perform acoustic music on Pier Plaza similar to the musicians that played during the Farmers Market prior to the pandemic.