Meeting Time: February 01, 2021 at 6:00pm PST
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7. REPORT 21-0095 CORRIDORS - ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY (Community Development Director Ken Robertson and Senior Planner Christy Teague)

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    Peter Tucker admin over 2 years ago

    Corridor Plan for Aviation/Artesia does not include Manhattan Beach . They need to be included in this decision process for Atresia runs thru Manhattan on the North side .
    The PCH/Aviation corridor pg 96-99 had a advisory group of residents and businesses for five years and in January of 2015 Caltrans and the City reached an agreement to implement the needed improvements. Caltrans acknowledge that Aviation corridor would be included in the PCH project to help reduce the traffic flow up Aviation. The city need COG funding but as denied by the Director which was needed to obtain funding from Metro and thru the PCH/Aviation project agreement with Caltrans was terminated. If the City had the cooperation of the COG and Metro the project was schedule to be complied in 2024.
    It seem odd the recommendations and plans by the past Advisory Group will now sit on a shelf and the process will begin again and take years to complete. As we all know Caltrans owns PCH and their approve is needed. The beautification report done by the residents and business owners was accepted by Caltrans which was a large accomplishment and starting over will take years.
    For reference see The Beach Reporter article of May 15,2014