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Legislation Text 1. Urgency Ordinance Suspending Noise Provisions 2. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Claudia Berman (Submitted on 4-24-21 at 3.57 p.m.) 3. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Raymond Dussault (Submitted 4-26-21 at 11.29 a.m.) 4. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from John Miller (Submitted 4-26-21 at 11.36 a.m.) 5. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Dave Cavalier (Submitted 4-26-21 at 11.47 a.m.) 6. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Charline Espinoza (Submitted 4-26-21 at 11.51 a.m.) 7. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Anthony Morrison (Submitted 4-26-21 at 11.54 a.m.) 8. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Mike Collins (Submitted 4-26-21 at 11.59 a.m.) 9. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Nazneen Chughtai (Submitted 4-26-21 at 12.00 p.m.) 10. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Ms Sberna (Submitted 4-26-21 at 12.01 p.m.) 11. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Jack Levy (Submitted 4-26-21 at 12.06 p.m.) 12. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecommnet from Derek Roach (Submitted 4-26-21 at 12.17 p.m.) 13. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Darren Eichhorn (Submitted 4-26-21 at 12.30 p.m.) 14. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Alyssa B (Submitted 4-26-21 at 12.48 p.m.) 15. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Natasha Suzuki (Submitted 4-26-21 at 12.56 p.m.) 16. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Evan Frisch (Submitted 4-26-21 at 1.38 p.m.) 17. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Eric Foster (Submitted 4-26-21 at 1.51 p.m.) 18. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Deborah Whitcas (Submitted 4-26-21 at 1.57 p.m.) 19. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Kevin Sousa (Submitted 4-26-21 at 2.10 p.m.) 20. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from A C (Submitted 4-26-21 at 2.33 p.m.) 21. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Daniel Vis (Submitted 4-26-21 at 2.44 p.m.) 22. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Ashley Semosh (Submitted 4-26-21 at 2.55 p.m.) 23. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Robert Fortunato (Submitted 4-26-21 at 2.56 p.m.) 24. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Lance Keller (Submitted 4-26-21 at 3.00 p.m.) 25. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Philip Clark (Submitted 4-26-21 at 3.05 p.m.) 26. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Michelle Crispin (Submitted 4-26-21 at 3.23 p.m.) 27. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Eric Oakes (Submitted 4-26-21 at 3.37 p.m.) 28. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Claire Davenport (Submitted 4-26-21 at 3.41 p.m.) 29. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from JuliaAnn Roberts (Submitted 4-26-21 at 3.50 p.m.) 30. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Pamela Wing (Submitted 4-26-21 at 3.50 p.m.) 31. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Kira Lingman (Submitted 4-26-21 at 4.22 p.m.) 32. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Barclay Roach (Submitted 4-26-21 at 4.36 p.m.) 33. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Megg Sulzinger (Submitted 4-26-21 at 4.49 p.m.) 34. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Tim Campbell (Submitted 4-26-21 at 4.55 p.m.) 35. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Raymond Jackson (Submitted 4-26-21 at 5.48 p.m.) 36. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Kristal Palomo (Submitted 4-26-21 at 5.49 p.m.) 37. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from James Lenihan (Submitted 4-26-21 at 7.06 p.m.) 38. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from David Cullum (Submitted 4-26-21 7.10 p.m.) 39. SUPPLEMENTAL Email from Karen Klink (Submitted 4-26-21 at 1.19 p.m.) 40. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Russ Gilbert (Submitted 4-26-21 at 7.41 p.m.) 41. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Susie Casty (Submitted 4-26-21 at 7.49 p.m.) 42. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Jeremy Buck (Submitted 4-26-21 at 8.37 p.m.) 43. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Julie McGauley (Submitted 4-26-21 at 8.55 p.m.) 44. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Emily Kilimnik (Submitted 4-26-21 at 9.14 p.m.) 45. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Paula Barksdale (Submitted 4-26-21 at 9.18 p.m.) 46. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Dean Francois (Submitted 4-26-21 at 9.58 p.m.) 47. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Aragorn Wiederhold (Submitted 4-27-21 at 6.48 a.m.) 48. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Joseph Cipolla (Submitted 4-27 at 6.53 a.m.) 49. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from John Schatttinger (Submitted 4-27-21 at 6.54 a.m.) 50. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from John Hagler (Submitted 4-27-21 at 7.00 a.m.) 51. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Heath Francis (Submitted 4-27-21 at 7.27 a.m.) 52. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Zeal Levin (Submitted 4-27-21 at 9.53 a.m.) 53. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Tee Dinetz (Submitted 4-27-21 at 10.19 a.m.) 54. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Michael Longacre (Submitted 4-27-21 at 10.19 a.m.) 55. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Renee Safier (Submitted 4-27-21 at 11.06 a.m.) 56. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Sam Sabra (Submitted 4-27-21 at 11.15 a.m.) 57. SUPPLEMENTAL Letter from Chamber of Commerce (Submitted 4-27-21 at 11.54 a.m.) 58. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Adam Malovani (Submitted 4-27-21 at 12.03 p.m.) 59. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Bara Mann (Submitted 4-27-21 at 12.10 p.m.) 60. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Carl Clark (Submitted 4-27-21 at 1.05 p.m.) 61. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Amanda Browning (Submitted 4-27-21 at 2.05 p.m.) 62. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Marje Bennetts (Submitted 2.06 p.m.) 63. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Amber Rae (Submitted 4-27-21 at 2.10 p.m.) 64. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Jennie Berger (Submitted 4-27-21 at 2.18 p.m.) 65. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Sarah Hart (Submitted 4-27-21 at 2.25 p.m.) 66. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Kelsey Schaible (Submitted 4-27-21 at 2.33 p.m.) 67. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Nancy Maben (Submitted 4-27-21 at 3.07 p.m.) 68. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Lindsay Jones (Submitted 4-27-21 at 3.16 p.m.) 69. SUPPLEMENTAL Ecomment from Dave Davis (Submitted 4-27-21 at 3.35 p.m.) 70. SUPPLEMENTAL Letter from Brian Dunne (Submitted 4-27-21 at 6.26 p.m.)
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    Dave Davis 3 months ago

    As one of the businesses that filed for and received a Limited Live Entertainment permit, we support the suspension of the ordinances prohibiting live music outdoors. Hermosa Brewing Company has been a strong supporter of live music and specifically of local musicians. Allowing businesses to have live music will not only benefit the patrons and and the businesses but most importantly it will help our local musicians who have been significantly impacted during this pandemic. Thank you.

  • Default_avatar
    Lindsay Jones 3 months ago

    Live music needs to come back! It’s good for restaurants, all other businesses, and the well-being of our community. Live music is a big part of the heart of Hermosa and the majority of our locals want this back. I see very little down sides. We need to do what’s best for small businesses and locals after this horrific year. We need to put small businesses in the best position possible to help get the Hermosa economy back where is should be and keep the appeal of our neighborhood.

  • Default_avatar
    Nancy Maben 3 months ago

    Please bring back live music again! It's good for the soul of our community!

  • Default_avatar
    Kelsey Schaible 3 months ago

    Please bring live music back!

  • Default_avatar
    Sarah Hart 3 months ago

    Please bring live music back! Not only to support our local establishments, but also to help our entire community connect and heal through the power of the shared experience of live music.

  • Default_avatar
    Jennie Berger 3 months ago

    Live music can be brought back safely especially outdoors. It brings people together and will also promote business in our local community.
    Some people’s mental health has really been pushed through this pandemic and live music brings joy to so many.

  • Default_avatar
    Amber Rae 3 months ago

    I support live music coming back to the South Bay! It will not only bring more business to our local shops and restaurants, but happiness.

  • Default_avatar
    marje bennetts 3 months ago

    The Beach House Hotel supports the return of Live Music and allowing our restaurants and others to thrive. We know there will be necessary rules, but we love having our guests visit all over Hermosa and return to the hotel happy. Let's keep our city vibrant and keep locals and guests in our own businesses of Hermosa Beach. from Beach House Hotel.

  • Default_avatar
    Amanda Browning 3 months ago

    Music is one of the heart & soul components. We have so many incredible local musicians that would benefit substantially from being able to perform again ... especially in their backyard where they are most appreciated. Music also brings joy and attracts patrons. Who doesn’t enjoy dinner accompanied by live music?! Let’s continue to bring Hermosa businesses back to life and allow outdoor live music!!

  • Default_avatar
    Carl Clark 3 months ago

    It's time to allow live music again! Vaccination is well underway and herd immunity kicking in. Let's set up a "time positive" when music venues can open again.

  • Default_avatar
    Bara Mann 3 months ago

    Please bring back live music! It will be easy to do this safely. Although my address is Redondo I live on the border of Hermosa and spend most of my time and money there. I would frequent local establishments much more often if they featured live music. Music is good for our health, and the poor artists deserve the opportunity to make a living too. Please bring it back!

  • Default_avatar
    Adam Malovani 3 months ago

    Many thanks to all the people involved in this effort to bring music back to Hb including our City Mgr & Staff, Council, Chamber, Businesses and Musicians.

    In addition, and perhaps more important than the many economic benefits music will bring to Hermosa, is the incredible and undeniable HEALING POWER OF MUSIC. We all could use some music healing these days, as is clearly evident from all the heartfelt comments.

    Here are a few issues and suggestions for consideration:

    1) How will the noise issue be handled to minimize competing outdoor music and resident complaints? Perhaps sound decibel meters are the least subjective solution? There are free sound decibel apps that could be used by everyone. It shouldn't matter if the music is amplified or not.

    2) Could this ordinance also allow music in outdoor public spaces (such as our parks and beach) where there is more room for more people to enjoy the music and safely spread out?

    2) Let's create a Hermosa Music Committee (or whatever we call it) to begin planning NOW for a larger vision of establishing Hermosa as a World Class Destination for Live Music to build community and revitalize our downtown. This group could be a volunteer group of stakeholders including City Staff & Council, Chamber, Businesses, Musicians, Residents, etc.

    What an incredible opportunity we have in front of us! The time is NOW! Let's do this! Hermosa Strong!

    Thanks again!
    Adam Malovani

  • Default_avatar
    Sam Sabra 3 months ago

    Please let us keep out door seating I spent 40 thousand dollars. Another thing retun music and bar sitting we are berlly making it. We have rent payroll please I plead with you

  • Default_avatar
    Renee Safier 3 months ago

    Please bring back live music... it brings energy and joy to our existence, and brings much needed dollars to the city!

  • Default_avatar
    Michael Longacre 3 months ago

    As a business owner in Hermosa, I have seen the efforts made by the city to help small businesses are making a huge difference in this challenging chapter for us all. The changes allowing the restaurants to extend the dining areas has led to a clear positive change in foot traffic for local businesses. Allowing these outdoor restaurants to have live music, I feel, enhances the experience for the regular and the new customers. I support this temporary suspension of the regulations that would allow music outdoors at these newly configured restaurants. It seems all outdoor dining restaurant goers I have spoken to, all seem to support it as well. Being the owner of the Guitar Shop in Hermosa, I am grateful to have a City Council allowing such a positive change up for topic in the city I have chosen to make my living. It is these types of discussions, I believe, that sets our city apart from surrounding ones. I am hopeful the Council will rise to the occasion again, and find that granting a suspension of some music rules, will make our beautiful city a successful template for surrounding cities when it comes to working with merchants to help them be successful.
    Thankful for the consideration,
    Mike Longacre

  • Default_avatar
    Tee Dinetz 3 months ago

    Live music can be brought back, safely. It’s time to move forward.

  • Default_avatar
    Zeal Levin 3 months ago

    Dear Hermosa Beach City Council,

    My name is Zeal Levin, I am a professional musician, manager of Hermosa Music Company and music teacher. First of all I am proud to call Hermosa my home, and am grateful for this inclusive community where art of many forms is integral to the life we know and love.

    I am in support of a temporary suspension of municipal code sections and related regulation to allow limited music at commercial establishments. I am confident that business owners and musicians can work together to make sure sound is excellent quality as well as contained and controlled to its intended recipients. Music brings the community together and helps people connect with each other.

    Thank you for your consideration and hard work to ensure the safety of our community.

  • Default_avatar
    Heath Francis 3 months ago

    Lets bring back music so the gig workers of the world can start making money again, music helps morale and helps local businesses. Lets do this!!

  • Default_avatar
    John Hagler 3 months ago

    I need music to come back. It is one of the biggest ways that I cope.

  • Default_avatar
    John Schatttinger 3 months ago

    I whole heartedly support the outdoor ambient music pilot. We need to provide an environment that will draw customers to our local businesses and support our local music scene. This seems to be an easy and inexpensive win for all.