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    angelina Giancana almost 3 years ago

    Regarding the agenda item titled “middle income/workforce housing programs”

    Please see my questions below:
    Will these “low income housing units” be for actual residents of Hermosa Beach or are they available to anyone?
    Will potential residents need to show proof of previous hermosa residency?
    Will a crime assessment be done? How can the city ensure its current residents that these units will not become a crime ridden nuisance?
    Can the city provide ANY examples of Comparable low income housing that once occupied does not have an increase in crime to their surrounding neighborhood?

    Before assumptions are made about my comments, you should be aware this has nothing to do with being discriminatory towards those that are “low income”. However, I KNOW full well that if this goes forward it will become a massive hit to our neighborhoods, schools and there will be absolutely be an increase in crime.

    I am hoping these concerns will be addressed. Thank you!

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    GuichVed GuichVed almost 3 years ago

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