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    Peter Tucker admin 3 months ago

    The granting of a CUP for the usage of serving hotel guests and their visitors ( max 4) at H2O should be approved by the Council. This is an amenity(CUP) that has obtained ABC permit which is a strict application to be approved. This would allow the hotel to attract guests which
    would bring additional TOT taxes and show that the Council is business friendly. This hotel is small and if there were any problems this CUP approval the Council can set up a one year review for the CUP for for compliance. If violation's were observed that were in violation of the CUP then the City can limit or suspend the CUPs that were granted. The Hotel owners understand the ramifications of violating their CUPs and I'm sure that the moderating of these requirements by the owners will be their first priority.

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    Daniel Rittenhouse 3 months ago

    Dear Council Members,

    I’m writing to voice my support for not only modifying H2O’s CUP to include community members, but to extend their CUP to a full liquor license. The idea that a new HOTEL (which does not look or feel like a bar at all) isn’t allowed a full liquor license is a textbook example of how our city is becoming less and less business friendly. H2O is far enough away to the downtown area to not contribute to the late-night shenanigans that bother our citizens, and it’s an anchored long-term business that will bring in the kind of guests that will contribute to our economy without causing late night disturbances. They should absolutely be able to operate just like the other hotels in our city. Please support!

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    Laura Pena 3 months ago

    Dear Mayor, Council Members, and Staff – I would appreciate your support in approving H20’s request to modify their CUP to allow for service of beer and wine to their hotel guests and to fellow community members. I also encourage and support extending it to include a FULL liquor license. If we are to realize the vision that is in Plan Hermosa that states,”The Downtown District will continue to offer an array of uses for residents and visitors, and any new buildings should pay close attention to and contribute to the high quality pedestrian environment.” If any one of you have had the opportunity to visit H20, you will have seen this is not a bar in the making. Instead, it is a beautifully designed, upscale, boutique hotel which is exactly what our city needs. If we want to be known as an inviting beach city, extending the opportunity for others in our community to join their family, friends, and colleagues for a welcoming drink in the lounge should be a minimum. Considering other hotels in Hermosa like the Beach House and Hotel Hermosa are allowed to provided similar beverages to their guests, it would allow H20 to operate on an equal footing. As guests and visitors stay they will also be able to enjoy our surrounding businesses and will invite others to stay, shop, and dine locally, thus contributing to our cities much needed vibrancy. I look forward to working with all of you to contribute to building a “Business and Community Friendly” environment for all. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration, Laura Pena

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    Ira Ellman 3 months ago

    I am against immediately giving H2O an amendment to their CUP for beer and wine (lobby) for the following reasons:
    - H2O agreed to their current CUP over six years ago
    - The hotel construction was totally mis-handled and incompetent.
    - Many long-term, beloved small businesses were closed prematurely (Classic Burger, donut shop, Granny Takes a Trip, Berl’s Barber Shop, etc.) to make room for the upscale hotel and adjacent stores.
    - The owners of H2O (to the best of my recollection) have never been active or contributed in any way to the city Hermosa Beach or any local organizations (decades).
    - H2O were not good citizens during and after construction. How can we expect them to suddenly follow rules?
    o Sold beach parking when it was clearly not allowed
    o Continually blocked the driveway of local residents
    o Allegedly removed a no parking sign
    o Rather than securing their parking lot, they lasted music in the middle of the night.
    o Open wine bottles and dirty wine glasses were observed by city officials in the lobby area.
    The easy, politically expedient way forward is to approve the amendment. However, the correct path is to delay a decision for 6 months for the hotel's owners to demonstrate that it is a good neighbor, business partner, competent and follows city codes.

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    Jon David 3 months ago

    I support H2O Hotel's application for a limited license and further would like to see them granted a FULL liquor license. The City's historical stance against alcohol intensification by denying alcohol licenses in new areas away from the Plaza is exacerbating the very problem it has been trying to avoid. If the only place to go grab a cocktail is at the Plaza then the Plaza become THE drinking spot. When you focus on avoiding a problem, all you look at is the problem...and thus there is where you go.

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    Dave Davis 3 months ago

    As a Hermosa resident and Hermosa business owner I strongly support the approval of a FULL liquor license for the H2O hotel. Being able to serve serve guests in their lounge area is critical to a boutique hotel. The lounge space in H20 is small and even at max capacity, would have little to no impact on the surrounding area. I understand that there have been issues with the hotel but it is time to move on and judge them on how they behave going forward and stop penalizing them for past transgressions. - Dave Davis

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    Marina Boulanger 3 months ago

    We encourage the approval of the license. Serving alcohol to guests in a hospitality business helps with guest experience and retention. At a high class establishment like H2O, it will attract great guests that we want enjoying our city. Bringing in revenue that doesn't just benefit the business, but the city.

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    Kathy Knoll 3 months ago

    Please allow H20 Hotel to serve alcohol. They have invested a lot in to our community with a new hotel and the new updated retail center next door. We need to support all businesses but especially new businesses that invest in our city. They are a wonderful addition to our downtown and if they thrive we all win. Please approve their request for alcohol license. Kathy Knoll

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    Tara McNamaraStabile 3 months ago

    I encourage the City Council to allow H20 the ability to serve guests alcohol. Having had family stay at their hotel, I was able to see first hand that they've created a hotel with a different vibe than our other hotels. It's designed to attract business and upscale travelers, both of whom expect the ability to meet with people over a glass or wine or beer. Personally, I don't think I've ever stayed at a hotel that doesn't have this capability, and I imagine it would create a disappointing experience for guests. Additionally, as this has been a long process including opening during a pandemic, we should give them some of the same consideration to thrive and survive as the restaurants that surround H20: they were specially permitted dining decks to allow them to make revenue to help compensate, and alcohol sales go a long way in helping a business recover. Whatever issues happened in the past, the best thing for Hermosa now is to support this new endeavor; we can't afford another empty building in the downtown area or the reputation of being unfriendly to business. Thank you for your consideration.

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    Javier Salazar 3 months ago

    I support H20's limited alcohol license.

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    Randy Balik 3 months ago

    I urge the City Council to support H2O's request. As I've stated numerous times publicly, this issue has dragged on far too long and I believe our Planning Commission has overstepped on this one, going back many years now. Regardless of the issues that some people had with H2O and its owners during a lengthy construction process, which are all valid and should not be minimized, the fact remains that our City should be of the mindset to help our anchoring businesses thrive, not struggle. Many complain about two things in Hb: 1) there is too much riffraff downtown, and 2) there are not enough 'anchoring businesses' that have the staying power to be here a long time and generate substantial revenue for Hb. The H2O hotel solves both - it will attract the right people (assuming there are the appropriate amenities like the ability to serve beer/wine it its lobby) and those people will not only generate TOT revenue from the hotel, but also sales tax revenue as they and their acquaintances spend their money in our city by dining and shopping. Make no mistake - high-end travelers seek hotels that have some basic amenities, and the ability to enjoy a beverage in the lobby during their stay is one of them. Let's not hamstring H2O and cause potential business to look elsewhere to spend their money. This issue has dragged on and one - let's end it once and for all and do the right thing for both Hb and one of our high-end businesses that has real long-term potential here in our city.

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    Alma Robinson, Theapps radar 3 months ago

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    Andrea Jacobsson 3 months ago

    I wholeheartedly support of H2O’s request to modify their CUP to allow service of wine and beer to their guests. The Chhabria’s have offered to withdraw their request to have liquor, and to accept wine and beer until 10 pm only. All restaurants in the city are allowed by rights to sell wine and beer until 10 pm and this hotel should be treated the same. Be grateful and proud that the Chhabria family took a risk to invest millions of dollars in Hermosa Beach to build a beautiful new boutique hotel which was completed and opened in the most challenging time during the middle of the pandemic. Please support the city staff's recommendation to allow this lovely new hotel's request to serve wine and beer until 10pm so they may offer the same amenities as our other hotels. Thank you. Andrea Jacobsson, JAMA Auto House

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    Courtney Ryan 3 months ago

    Please approve to support H2O's licensing to serve their guests alcohol. It is important for our hotels to be able to offer this amenity upon arrival after a long day of travel. The additional income produced will help the business to succeed and increase the city's revenue from the business.

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    Bob Jones 3 months ago

    Please approve H2O's limited alcohol license.