Meeting Time: September 21, 2022 at 6:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

a. 26th Street One-Way Conversion Update – Douglas Krauss, Environmental Programs Manager

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    Anthony Higgins over 1 year ago

    Dear Chief LeBaron,
    Dear Director SanClemente
    Mayor Detoy

    There are several traffic related problems on Hermosa Ave that Councilman Jackson and others have spoken too including, (1) constant speeding, (2) aggressive acceleration, (3) fast rolling stops (4) excessively noisy vehicles and motorcycles that often leave car alarms blaring in their wake, (5) all manner of eBikes and bicycles blowing through stop signs on Hermosa Avenue at high rates of speed and (6) failure to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks and so on.

    As it relates to the barricade pilot planned for 8th and Hermosa Ave these do not really address the first five problems listed above at all, and on the surface seem only marginally effective, at best, in reducing the failure to yield to pedestrians.

    The main reason that a stop sign that would slow traffic and improve pedestrian safety is being rejected is based on the premise that if you put up too many stop signs drivers will simply ignore them. I believe that is a myopic and shortsighted view.

    Stop signs with a stop sign ticketing camera would fix that in a heartbeat. We need to get tough on aggressive dangerous driving on Hermosa Ave.

    Photo enforced stop sign cameras are in operation in a few locations in California but a growing trend of cities desperate for money may change that soon. Stop sign cameras are issuing minor cities in these Southern California cities: Los Angeles, Topanga, and Pacific Palisades. This intersection pictured above is in the Temescal Canyon Gateway Park. We are aware of two other cameras which are located in Franklin Canyon, located off of Mulholland Drive, and another at the top of Topanga. Failure to come to a complete stop or roll through an intersection like this will get you a ticket of $125 in the mail

    Moreover, barricades block left turns but most of the failure to yield problems I’ve observed over the years are from speeding vehicles going down Hermosa Ave.

    Moreover, it’s unlikely that left turn barricades can be widely deployed to other problem intersections on Hermosa Ave (say 24th and the school safe crosswalk at 25th) without severely disrupting normal traffic flows.

    Also, take a look at the traffic at stopsign at 26th street and Hermosa Ave that merges into Greenwich then 27th street.

    The problems with vehicles rolling through this stopsign at high rates of speed have been reported many times over many years.

    And these problems just compound each other.

    Just today I was crossing 22nd at Hermosa Ave and an eBike blew the stopsign at 25mph and a car that was just behind the eBike did the same.

    This driver was probably locked into their cellphone and were keying off the eBike out of the corner of their eye.

    The 6 Hermosa Ave problems I listed above have been growing and festering for many years and I believe the city’s failure to come up with a comprehensive & coordinated plan to address these problems is a disservice to the city.

    Will the police chief be asked to continue to report on traffic and vehicle noise citations in the council meeting?

    Finally, for many years it has been sort of a tradition for the HBPD to have a booth Fiesta Hermosa where residents could stop by and ask questions or just get to know the local police officers, Sergeant's, and Lieutenants.

    I was told there was no police booth this year at the Labor Day Fiesta 2022 event and was wondering if this was a shift in policy and if so why?

    I wanted to stop by and ask these questions.

    Thank you
    Anthony Higgins