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Agenda Item

******************************************************************************************************* Facilitator: Amy Howorth is an independent consultant for local government agencies. She has created and led governance and strategic planning workshops for the cities of Napa, Foster City, and Larkspur, as well as two water districts. Amy served the residents in Manhattan Beach for nearly 16 years; two terms on the Manhattan Beach School Board, and two terms on the City Council. As Mayor and Councilmember, Amy led efforts on new environmental policies. During her tenure, Manhattan Beach banned the sale of polystyrene and single use utensils, straws, and bags; banned smoking in all public places; implemented a city-wide food waste recycling program; and was an early member of the Clean Power Alliance of Southern California. Amy was awarded the Assembly District 66 Woman of the Year in 2018 by Assemblymember Al Muratuschi and in 2014, she was recognized as an outstanding leader by National Women's Political Caucus of Los Angeles. *******************************************************************************************************