Meeting Time: June 14, 2022 at 5:00pm PDT
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    Raymond Dussault over 1 year ago

    I am 100% in support of all of the extended dining decks. Every single one is a boon to the culture of the community. The deck below Tower 12, Loreto Plaza, turned a previously empty space, unsettling after dark, dominated by windblown trash, smokers and tokers, into a vibrant outdoor dining experience with more than ample - even despite my COVID weight gain - walkways on either side. The Baja Sharkeez Group was the first business to take a massive risk and invest significant money to create a pleasing space out of the space they were allowed. And, again, I use their walkway to traverse through all of the time. And, after dark, it's a lot less unsettling to move through the space when it's full of families dining.

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    Frank Hallstein over 1 year ago

    TO: City Council
    This comment is in regards to Upper Pier Ave. Dining Decks, as you know the downtown area of Hermosa has close to 800 parking spaces and upper Pier Ave from Hermosa Ave. to Valley dr. has 125 spaces, When upper pier was beautified an extensive report was done ( you can google " Upper Pier Avenue Committee which required additional parking (none of which was added and others removed before pandemic days) I would say these requirement were in conjunction with coastal commission rules , These extensions keep creeping up on us and none of the non dining deck businesses are given much notice . We have been gracious with the situation while suffering the financial losses , we all have bills ( Rent , utilities , insurance etc.) So I say to all the restaurants on upper Pier your welcome !
    So in the name of being Fair & equitable bring upper Pier ave. back to what it was . Also not mentioned in the last meeting and from what I hear was not presented to the council is the letter from a business requesting the removal of a dining deck in front of his business sernt May 3rd which was at that time was on the hands of Doug Krauss , the letter states that his signed letter of approval with the duration being until 12-31-2021(per "Temporary dining/Retail permit application " July 98,2021 update) as of today June,14,2021 he is not giving his approval and that is why he sent the letter , this needs to be addressed ,,,thank You ,,,Frank Hallstein (Hermosa Lock & Safe) (310) 951-2569

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    Skyler Simmons over 1 year ago

    I think the extended patios and dining decks are a great addition and set us apart from the other beach cities considering our visitors can leave a restaurant and in seconds, find themselves on our beautiful beach. What they have done in Riviera village has completely turned that area around so backtracking here in Hermosa would be detrimental to the businesses and the community.

    An additional observation I have is that all the businesses on the pier should have equal encroachment rights and currently, they do not. I don't understand why certain establishments are allowed to have additional encroachment areas while others are not? Sharkeez has an entire second floor, Palmilla has a roof-top deck, Brews Halls has the third patio in front of the bank, Tower 12 has completely taken over Laredo plaza and Playa Hermosa has a third patio adjacent to Vistas parking lot. Considering the parking situation, why are some establishments allowed to have so many extra seats?

    Please allow the awesome encroachments to continue, just make it fair across the board.

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    Dean francois over 1 year ago

    It is long overdue to put some maximum deck areas and encroachments on to public plazas. But again it looks as if we are forgetting that one establishment has been able to encroach on the complete area of Loreto Plaza. This is a public plaza and an extension of pier Plaza and the public needs to have fairness and equitable distributions on the encroachments.