Coastal Zone Parking Assessment Discussion Questions

As part of the City of Hermosa Beach’s efforts obtain a certified Local Coastal Program, the City has obtained a grant from the California Coastal Commission to conduct technical studies and develop a draft Coastal Land Use Plan and Implementation Plan that covers a range of topics from sea level rise, overnight accommodations, and parking resources. 

Over the past 18 months, the City has hired a technical consultant to assist in evaluating our current parking resources and programs and evaluate opportunities to improve the availability of parking resources in the Coastal Zone in a manner that balances coastal access requirements with efficient use of the City’s limited land resources and achievement of the City’s economic development and mobility goals.

Please take a moment to review the draft documents and weigh in with your feedback as we refine the draft recommendations. 

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Based on the 12 recommendations, which of the strategies interest you most?
  • Do you agree with the relative priorities identified for near- and long-term solutions?

    High PriorityMedium PriorityLow Priority
    1 Implement an App-Based Mobile Pay System
    2 Design and Implement a Demand-Based Parking Management Program
    3 Invest and Implement in a Comprehensive Parking Signage and Wayfinding System
    4 Pilot a Shared Parking Program and Facilitate Shared Parking
    5 Maximize Flexibility of Curb Space to Accommodate Rideshare, Other Modes, and/or Valet Service
    6 Reinvest Parking Revenues into Multimodal Improvements
    7 Revise the Zoning Code to Better Support Walkable, Mixed-Use Development in the Coastal Zone
    8 Enhance Event Management Practices to Maximize Parking System Flexibility and Predictability
    9 Improve the Residential Parking Permit Program
    10 Improve the Employee Parking Permit Program
    11 Establish an Ongoing Collection, Monitoring, and Evaluation Process
    12 Strategically Invest in New Public and Shared Parking Supply in Key Locations