About Surveys

SpeakUp Hermosa is taking a poll of public opinion and needs your help. Complete the surveys on this page to contribute your opinion and help shape an initiative in your community.

Thank you to everyone who joined in making our first community-wide garage sale a success! As we look to host similar events in the future, we want to hear your feedback so that we can make adjustments to improve the event. 

“Here’s the Scoop: For Cleaner Feet, Streets and Water”

Sign this pledge and you could win a FREE annual dog license from the City! 

Besides being unpleasant to the nose and eyes, pet waste has been identified as a source of water pollution that can cause a health hazard for swimmers, surfers, and others in the ocean. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says pet waste contributes nitrogen, phosphorus, parasites and bacteria to water bodies when it is not disposed properly. By scooping after your pet, you can help to improve our water quality, reduce health hazards and keep Hermosa beautiful.

Per Hermosa Beach Municipal Code 6.04.100, all pet owners are required to carry pet waste disposal bags with them when walking their pets and for those bags to be visible. The municipal code also requires all pet owners to dispose of all pet waste properly. Failure to carry a bag or to pick up after a pet can result in a fine for each offense.

By signing this pledge, you promise to always pick up after your pet and follow the City of Hermosa Beach’s pet owner ordinances.

The City of Hermosa Beach is working with neighboring cities to develop rules and regulations regarding shared mobility programs. A program of this nature would provide a fleet of bicycles, e-bicycles, and/or electric scooters to the community as a local transportation option for short business and personal trips. 

Bikeshare programs first emerged in 2010 and can now be found in nearly every major American city. These programs started with technology where bicycles had to be checked out and returned to a docking station. That technology has since evolved with many bikeshare programs offering bicycles via smartphone apps that can be self-locked, eliminating the need to return to a specific docking location and providing more flexibility across the system.  In late 2017, electric scooters emerged as a new form of shared mobility equipment, where users can start and end a scooter ride through a smart-phone app. These scooters also have a self-locking technology that allows this equipment to be checked out and left at a wide range of locations. 

Your participation in this survey will allow local City officials to evaluate how shared active transportation programs could best be implemented to provide additional transportation choices while addressing safety, economics, and other concerns of the community. The responses you provide will help to assess the value of these programs and areas of concern to address in the development of program regulations.  Thank you in advance, for your participation.

The City of Hermosa Beach is developing an ordinance regarding Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs, also known as granny flats, second units) and is seeking your input.

The State of California is facing a state-wide housing crisis, with rising housing costs, and a shortage of affordable housing options. One of the State’s solutions to this crisis is to encourage accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and junior accessory dwelling units (JADUs) as a method of increasing the housing supply and has passed laws requiring all cities to allow an ADU on residentially zoned lots that contain a single-family residence.

Cities may adopt an ordinance of its own that includes reasonable standards for ADUs so long as the ordinance is consistent with the intent of the State law. Without a local ordinance, the city is required to process ADU applications per standards identified in the State law (http://www.hcd.ca.gov/policy-research/AccessoryDwellingUnits.shtml).

The Planning Commission had an initial discussion regarding ADUs at their May 15, 2018 meeting, and discussion of the meeting can be viewed here http://hermosabeach.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=6&clip_id=4697 The survey results will be shared with the Planning Commission at its upcoming public hearing in June.

Please complete this brief survey by June 5, 2018 to share your opinions.

As part of the City of Hermosa Beach’s efforts obtain a certified Local Coastal Program, the City has obtained a grant from the California Coastal Commission to conduct technical studies and develop a draft Coastal Land Use Plan and Implementation Plan that covers a range of topics from sea level rise, overnight accommodations, and parking resources. 

Over the past 18 months, the City has hired a technical consultant to assist in evaluating our current parking resources and programs and evaluate opportunities to improve the availability of parking resources in the Coastal Zone in a manner that balances coastal access requirements with efficient use of the City’s limited land resources and achievement of the City’s economic development and mobility goals.

Please take a moment to review the draft documents and weigh in with your feedback as we refine the draft recommendations. 

The City has initiated a recruitment for a new Police Chief.  The City Manager is interested in obtaining feedback from the community to guide our recruitment and selection strategies.  Please take a few moments to respond to our brief survey.